Tibetan Sunset

Many years ago I was in a theater watching the movie Shogun with Tom Cruise.  Before the movie was over, I was compelled to leave and paint.

Came home to my studio and put on a Buddhist chanting CD and the paint flowed from my being.

This is also a a very favorite of my personal collection that is saying good bye I think soon.

Here is a write-up to share with you.

“Through the regal depths of raspberry, sherbet, and orange in “Tibetan Sunset” your sold embraces the glimmer of gold that vibrates through this work of art.  There’s an emotion that is conveyed whey you look at this painting.  It’s as if you can feel the monks of Tibet sounding their illustrious chants and welcoming you to another movement of the sun’s passage from day to night.”Img3144

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