The Gardens

Before my “West Coast Opening” I couldn’t quite get myself together, so I decided to paint.  The Gardens emerged from every fiber of my being.  As usual, when I turned my canvas the way I thought best, it had been painted upside down “as usual.”

This is another very favorite painting of mine that has been in my personal collection, and is starting to say “good bye” soon.

I’ll share with you what the write-upImg3154.  This painting is magical and changes with the light.

“The Gardens” evoke a sense of magical reflection as the ground swells with colors of love and passion: pink for happiness and mauve for comfort.  As your eye moves to the large tree in the center of the painting, you find yourself traveling through the world of the fairies. Colors in the foliage glimmer and shift as if the fairies have left their magic dust behind.  You’re drawn into a world of harmony as the use of strokes and colors crate a contemplative feeling.  This painting draws you into a world where you can transcend from your business daily routine to your personal special place.


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