Art Makes The World A Better Place

I’m more than driven right now to paint and hope you enjoy the work being presented. Since, I paint in uncertainty, meaning, I never know what is coming up on the canvas, these two paintings “painted themselves” as usual, since isn’t that how the work comes up being an artist most of the time? The […]

Vacation Birds

Do you love colorful birds?  Evidentially, I really do! After a fabulous vacation in Sarasota Florida, I came home and painted.  Now, remember, I don’t know what comes up.  I go to the canvas and start painting. Guess what came up?  Lots of colorful birds!  I do love the “Keys!” Enjoy!


Born Jacksonville, Florida.  Enjoyed early childhood living in La Rochelle, France.  Then, settled into the rolling countryside of Maryland.  Followed by making a home in the Northern Virginia area.

Decided to explore art through the  Art League in Olde Town, Alexandria, Virginia.

My exploration produced  60 paintings in 45 days and  representation through Marin-Price Galleries in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

After many years living on the east coast I have made the San Francisco bay area my new home.

For a studio visit by appointment or questions contact me, Tiffany Birch by:Phone:  1.650.906.1856 or  Email: