Art Makes The World A Better Place

I’m more than driven right now to paint and hope you enjoy the work being presented. Since, I paint in uncertainty, meaning, I never know what is coming up on the canvas, these two paintings “painted themselves” as usual, since isn’t that how the work comes up being an artist most of the time?

The large 60 x 48 acrylic/canvas/mixed media titled “Blooming Trumpets”  was painted with every last bit of tube paint on hand.  I worked in a frenzy painting horizontally…humor…as the painting finished vertically.  This works seems to leap off the canvas and grab you as someone recently said.  I hope it will engage your heart and create more joy in your life.

The second painting 48 x 36 acrylic/canvas/mixed media is one I’ve never done before because I don’t do detail.  My work is expansive.  So, there is much humor from people who know me.  The letters create words sometimes, and other times are random.  The small colorful letters are from a kids project several years ago.  I wondered what I would do with them and now here I am putting them on one by one in a painting that is titled “Come Together Now.”  The painting named itself as always.

With this mess we are all in together, perhaps the Beatles knew something along time ago don’t you think.  I find it amusing how my work names itself, and the titles are right on for sure.

We all need to come together as a whole for the good of us and the planet.  Maybe, the planet is saying I’ve had enough and it’s time to take stock of what is happening.  All virus corrupt our being and hack our souls don’t they?

Enjoy the work and let me know what you think.





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