Home to Hana Talking

I came across a description of Hana, written by the media, and would like to share this with you.  It is very moving to me.  So here goes.

“In “Home to Hanna,” Tiffany conveys the serene nature of her vacation in Hawaii.  While her brush strokes at the top of the canvas initially appear to capture the sky with dribbles of gold sun peering through, you suddenly find your eye going back again and wondering if the strokes of green to the upper right of the painting isn’t really one of the islands and the lower portion with it’s whites and oranges a symbolic representation of the soul at rest.

There is a complexity to “home to Hana.” Images shift, giving you different perspectives to the islands.  Colors blend into each other in one moment while glaring out at the next.  The white paint that is used as a juxtaposition to the blue creates a blending that makes you wonder whether you’re in the clouds or standing on the earth touching the softness of space.”Img2152-3

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