Home to Hana

My first experience with Hawaii brought me to a week’s stay at a beautiful resort on Hana.  I was in love.  Fell heads over heals with the spiritual energy speaking to me.

I felt like I was home.  Upon returning home, the paintbrush spoke to me in a frenzy.

Home to Hana emerged and is one of my most cherished memories on canvas.  It has been with me for awhile, not to say offers of purchase haven’t been made, I haven’t been ready to release it.

I don’t do prints, have been encouraged often to generate revenue of course.  My energy of the painting is my gift to the purchaser, somehow doing a print and going commercial detracts from the value for me.

Today, I am compelled to share my feelings, which means, it is time for Home to Hana to

find a new home.


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