Better Than the Great Wall of China! The Great 30 Foot Wall of Ariba!

Back quickly as the urge to paint is upon me.  Came across  pictures taken after a 30 foot wall installation as part of “on show” at Arbia a few years ago.  When I was invited to for a solo exhibition at Ariba & Juniper. They asked if I would like to put some paintings on a large wall.  Absolutely I said!

This wall was part of a my solo exhibit that had 40 plus paintings.

Later, I realized it would take too much time to paint a very large piece because of the time given for the installation.  So, these paintings were created.  My inspiration as to what I would paint and what colors arrived five days before installation, so I was busy in a hurry you would say.  The gold on the paintings are gold flakes.

It required a crew.  A friend of mine, who is a contractor named Denny provided men to hang the work. I enlisted a “cherry picker” to get the men up to the wall.   Another friend with gallery installation experience assisted with the hanging of all the paintings in both buildings.  About 6 of us were quite a sight with equipment in the main lobby of Arbia.  The artists usually selected were on a much smaller scale and part of a group show.  And, of course let’s not talk about insurance and other risks that had to be addressed.

This installation  became even more special when I learned a group of Architectural students had come to see the wall.

Linda Lenore, founder of Green Chi Designs, a leading authority on Feng Shui had feng shui both buildings so the appropriate paintings would match with the direction of the energies.

Enjoy these photos of the installation in progress,  my terrific crew and the result.Birch Arbia IMG_0403Birch Ariba IMG_0431




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