How Do You Know When Your Painting is Done?

This is a question I am asked frequently. I am also asked How Long Does It Take To Finish or Complete Your Painting Or Work?

I find these questions curious. To answer the first question of how do you know when you painting is finished or as I say done.

What is left when I put down the brush, my hands, or whatever tool , the painting is resting.

For the moment you see the painting, it begins to change again. So what they say
about being in the process is very true. The work is always “in being.”

My heart tells me when my work likes where it is and is ready to come out and say
hello to its owner.

The question of how long does it take to finish or complete a painting or work is
best answered, for as long as it takes. The Dancing Jewel was completed in 45 minutes and dozens of paint colors per application of brush stroke.

The first time I picked up a brush I painted either 45 paintings in 60 days or 60 paintings in 45 days. I’ve never actually been able to keep this straight.

The six large paintings on the 30 foot wall of the Arbia Corporation were done in 4 hours.

I am very blessed to be employed by The Universe. I believe that time is the movement
of thought. And when I am painting, I am in a timeless zone. Birch Ariba IMG_0431


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