Collecting Passion

A Paint Lick!

I think about passion quite a bit as it shows up in the choices we make; what foods we love, our favorite books, our pets, our politics,  our faith,  our cars, our homes, our movies, our collectibles,  our clothes, and of course, when we are in love; it is all passion!  And, I think how art makes all our choices come alive in so many ways.  A chef is quite an artist in his or her presentation and we hire an interior designer to bring our choices together.  Someone asked me recently  what artists I liked and I told him  de Kooning  for his thickness of paint, Helen Frankenthaler for her way of engaging the canvas,  Jackson Pollock because in my early career I couldn’t paint anything but Jackson Pollock for 6 months, and a friend mentioned his fondness for  Kandinsky, saying to check him out.   Art really is in the eye of the beholder and when this same person asked me why my art would be a good investment for him,  I  told him “My art is an excellent investment for your soul.  Can you place a price tag on that?”  I  recently was reminded by a couple (see the Seafoam One painting) that the painting I created was so them!  My emotional currency  is very gratifying! The Passion Collection (red  tones paintings) poured from  me onto the canvas with yes you guessed it passion!

I paint because that is what I do.

Seafoam One ac/canvas 36"x36"

Passion Collection; ac/canvas 36"x36"

Passion Collection; ac/canvas 48"x48"

Seafoam Two; ac/canvas 48"x48"