When I came  to the  canvas in the flurry of having to paint now, I poured paint onto the canvas and watching the movement started to dance with it; my brush had a life of it’s own.

I  then created what I call a wash as I poured water onto the canvas and controlled the flow with heat; what appeared someone put into words and I share this with you as I find describing what I feel and have created to be inferior to the actual work.

Here are the comments “Eternity.” Your soul’s hope for a legacy. Using washes of okra and orange with hints of yellow, the colors shimmer and create the illusion of a vibrant breathing entity that pulsates to the rhythm of your life.  Brush strokes penetrate and increase this vibration as your eyes see an image, perhaps your human (your own?) peering back at you. Your senses feel a pull as the depth of the colors beckons you into a special world. Time never stands still in this work of art as colors harmoniously create a juxtaposition that lets you flow in the imagination of your soul.” This is why I am to paint.48" x60" ETERNITY


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